Crystal unit / Resonator

Discontinued products

The following products have been discontinued.
*For inquiries about these products,please contact our sales operations.(28 July.2014)

Product Number Data Sheets
C-001R pdf (193KB)
FH-33H pdf (365KB)
HFF-X38,HFF-X2520A -
TSX-7050 (TSX-1A) -
TSX-6035 pdf (250KB)
TSX-4025 (TSX-10A)*
TSX-5032 (TSX-8A)
pdf (446KB)
MA-406H pdf (65KB)
HC-49/u series / TQC series pdf (471KB)
HC-49/u-SMD⋅C pdf (481KB)
TSX-2 pdf (50KB)
HC-43/U -
UM series pdf (365KB)
SA-315H/Hz -

Discontinued products(planning)

Please do not use it for a new design in.

Product Number Data Sheets LTB Deadline
FA-23H -  
FA-248 pdf (106KB)  
CA-303HS pdf (63KB)  
CA-313HS -  

NRND (Not recommended for new design )

Please do not use it for a new design in. We support it for current customers only. We will inform EOL in the scheduled time frame. For inquiries about these products, please contact our sales operations.

Product Number EOL start after Suggested Alternative
FA-365Dec/2015 N/A
FC-145Dec/2015 FC-135
(Change footprint)
MC-206Dec/2015 MC-146
(Change footprint)
FC-13FDec/2015 FC-12M
(Change footprint)
FA-23ADec/2015 FA-238A

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