XV-3510CB (Sensor Ultra Miniature Size Vibration Gyro Sensor(angular rate sensing_device))

XV-3500CB and XV-3510CB XV-3500CB and XV-3510CB are same package.

  • Ultra Small Package size SMD
  • Hermetic sealing provides excellent
    sustainable environmental capability
  • High stability using vibration crystal

  • Recommended Application
    ...Detection picture stabilization of DVC and DSC
    ...Detection of moving with man machine interface


Item Symbol Specifications Remarks
Supply Voltage VDD 3.0V±0.3V Vss=0V
Temperature range Storage Temperature TSTG -40°C to +85°C  
Operating Temperature TOPR -20°C to +80°C  
Scale Factor SO 3.0mV/(°/s)  
Bias VO 1430mV Typ. Ta=+25°C
Reference Voltage Vr 1430mV Typ. Ta=+25°C
Rate Range I ±300°/s  
Non linearity NL ±0.5 % FS Ta=+25°C
Phase Delay Φ20 9deg. at 20Hz phase delay angle
Current consumption Iop 2.2mA Typ. VO,Vr : Output No load condition

External dimensions


(Unit: mm)

Footprint (Recommended)


(Unit: mm)

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