EV-9100JG (Voltage -Controlled Saw Oscillator (VCXO)
Low-Jitter, Low Phase Noise)


Complies with EU RoHS directive.
  • Frequency range
    800MHz to 2500MHz
  • Supply voltage
  • Absolute pull range
    ±50× 10-6
  • External dimensions
    13.9 × 9.8 × 4.7mm (t: Max.)
  • Output
    LV-PECL or Sine Wave


Item Symbol LV-PECL Sine wave Condition/Remarks
Output frequency range f0 800MHz to 2500MHz Please contact us for inquiries regarding available frequencies.
Supply voltage VCC 3.3V ±0.165V
Storage temperature T_stg -45°C to +90°C Store as bare product.
Operating temperature T_use As per blow table.
Frequency tolerance *1 f_tol -100 × 10-6 to +150 × 10-6
ICC 100mA Max.
Absolute pull range *2 APR ±50 × 10-6 Min. VC = 0V to VCC
Input resistance Rin 100kΩ Min. DC level
Frequency change
- Positive slope
Symmetry SYM 40% to 60% - VCC -1.45V, VC = 1/2 VCC
Output voltage VOH VCC -1.3V Min. - f0 ≤ 2.0GHz
VCC -1.4V Min. f0 > 2.0GHz
VOL VCC -1.65V Max. - f0 ≤ 2.0GHz
VCC -1.6V Max. f0 > 2.0GHz
Output level - - 0dBm Min.
Output load condition L_ECL 50Ω - Terminated to VCC-2.0V
Load_R - 50Ω Terminated to GND
Rise time / Fall time tr / tf 0.5ns Max. - Between 20% and 80% of (VOH-VOL)
Start-up time t_str 10ms Max. Time at 90%VCC to be 0s
Phase Jitter tPJ 0.05ps Max. 0.03ps Max. 1.7G ≤ f0 ≤ 2.0GHz Offset frequency:
12kHz to 20MHz
50kHz to 100MHz
0.1ps Max. 0.05ps Max. 800M ≤ f0 < 1.7GHz
2.0G < f0 ≤ 2.5GHz

*1 Frequency tolerance includes initial frequency tolerance, temperature variation, supply voltage variation, reflow drift, and aging (+25°C, 10years).
*2 Absolute pull range (APR) = Frequency control range - Frequency tolerance

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