Reference Design Information

Epson has collaboration with many IC manufactures.
Here, Epson offers the applicable oscillation devices for IC manufactures’ products.
Epson has the IC reference designs of many others,
please contact your region if you need more information.

IC Epson product
Manufacturer product name
link to Cercuit Design Information
Product name Frequency CL*1 Product
Atmel AT86RF212B* FA-20H 16MHz 9pF Q24FA20H00053xx
AT86RF212* Q24FA20H00053xx
AT86RF233* Q24FA20H00053xx
AT86RF231* Q24FA20H00053xx
ATmega256RFR2* Q24FA20H00352xx
ATmega128RFA1* Q24FA20H00352xx
Freescale i.MX6 Family* FC-135 32.768kHz 7pF Q13FC13500002xx
MC-146 12.5pF Q13MC14620002xx
FC-13A 9pF X1A0000910005xx
FA-238 24MHz 10pF Q22FA23801201xx
TSX-3225 16MHz 9pF X1E0000210052xx
MC1321x* TSX-3225 16MHz 9pF X1E0000210052xx
RD3152MMA7260Q SG-310SCF 4MHz - Q33310F700037xx
Lapis ML7105-00x* FA-128 26MHz 8pF Q22FA12800026xx
FA-20H 26MHz 8pF Q24FA20H00070xx
MC-306 32.768kHz 12.5pF Q13MC30610138xx
Microchip Technology Inc. PIC16F84A MA-406 4MHz 16pF Q22MA40610007xx
PIC18FxxK20 FC-255 32.768kHz 12.5pF Q13FC25500004xx
PICmicroTM CA-301
8MHz 18pF Q21CA30110140xx
20MHz Q21CA30110531xx
Nordic Semiconductor nRF-24AP2 TSX-3225
16MHz 9pF X1E0000210019xx
nRF-24Axx FA-20H
16MHz 12pF Q24FA20H00051xx
nRF-24LU1 FA-20H 16MHz 9pF Q24FA20H00044xx
TSX-3225 X1E0000210019xx
nRF51x22 FA-20H
32MHz 8pF Q24FA20H00196xx
16MHz 8pF Q24FA20H00426xx
nRF-80xx FA-128 32MHz 8pF Q22FA12800025xx
FA-20H 16MHz 9pF Q24FA20H00044xx
FC-135 32.768kHz 7pF Q13FC13500002xx
MC-146 Q13MC14620001xx
FA-238V 12MHz 10pF Q22FA23V00019xx
LPC11xx Series FA-238V 12MHz 10pF Q22FA23V00019xx
FA-238 16MHz 10pF Q22FA23800421xx
(former Jennic)
TSX-3225 32MHz 9pF X1E0000210167xx
renesas M16C*/6B3,M16C/6B4 FA-20H 16MHz 12pF Q24FA20H00232xx
PD78F8058 TSX-3225 32MHZ 8pF X1E0000210493xx
Silicon Labs EM351, EM357 FC-135 32.768kHz 12.5pF Q13FC13500004xx
TSX-3225 24MHz 18pF X1E0000210264xx
STMicroelectronics STM32F0 Series MA-406 8MHz 10pF Q22MA40610140xx
STM32F2 Series
STM32F3 Series
STM32F4 Series
STM32F1 Series
STM32L Series
STM32W Series FA-20H 24MHz 12pF Q24FA20H00242xx
TexasIInstruments CC1100 TSX-3225 16MHz 16pF X1E0000210193xx
CC1120, CC1125 TG-5021CG 40MHz - X1G0035810024xx
TG-5035CG 32MHz - X1G0038510039xx
CC1120, CC1125, CC1175 FA-128 40MHz 10pF Q22FA12800101xx
32MHz Q22FA12800092xx
FA-20H 40MHz 10pF Q24FA20H00214xx
32MHz Q24FA20H00217xx
TG-5021CG 33.6MHz - X1G0035810029xx
32MHz - X1G0035810035xx
CC2500* FA-128 26MHz 10pF Q22FA12800230xx
CC2510* FA-128 26MHz 9pF Q22FA12800140xx
CC2511FX TSX-3225 40MHz 16pF X1E0000210175xx
CC2520* TSX-3225 32MHz X1E0000210170xx
CC2530* FA-20H 32MHz 16pF Q24FA20H00234xx
12pF Q24FA20H00154xx
FA-128 32MHz 12pF Q22FA12800258xx
TSX-3225 32MHz 16pF X1E0000210170xx
CC2533 FA-128 32MHz 12pF Q22FA12800018xx
CC2538 FA-128 32MHz 10pF Q22FA12800119xx
CC253x FA-128 32MHz 10pF Q22FA12800092xx
CC2540 FA-20H 32MHz 16pF Q24FA20H00234xx
CC2540, CC2541 FA-128 32MHz 10pF Q22FA12800092xx
CC2541EM FA-20H 32MHz 10pF Q24FA20H00217xx
CC2550 TSX-3225 26MHz 16pF X1E0000210666xx
CC256x FA-128 26MHz 9pF Q22FA12800080xx
FA-20H 26MHz 9pF Q24FA20H00289xx
CC2570, CC2571 TSX-3225 32MHz 10pF X1E0000210487xx
CC8520 TSX-3225 48MHz 12pF X1E0000210265xx
16pF X1E0000210403xx
CC8520, CC8521 FA-128 48MHz 16pF Q22FA12800044xx
CC85XX, CC2590 10pF Q22FA12800150xx
CC430* TSX-3225 26MHz 10pF X1E0000210143xx
48MHz 16pF X1E0000210403xx
FR5xxx Series
FC-135R 32.768kHz 7pF X1A0001410001xx
FC-135 Q13FC13500002xx
MC-146 Q13MC14620001xx
FC-135R 9pF X1A0001410002xx
FC-135 Q13FC13500003xx
MC-146 Q13MC14620004xx
F5xx/F6xx Series
FC-135 32.768kHz 7pF Q13FC13500002xx
MC-146 Q13MC14620001xx
MC-306 Q13MC30610004xx
FC-135 12.5pF Q13FC13500004xx
MC-146 Q13MC14620002xx
MC-306 Q13MC30610003xx
FC-135 32.768kHz 9pF Q13FC13500003xx
MC-146 Q13MC14620004xx
MC-306 Q13MC30610002xx
FC-135 12.5pF Q13FC13500004xx
MC-146 Q13MC14620002xx
MC-306 Q13MC30610003xx
F1xx Series
FC-135 32.768kHz 9pF Q13FC13500003xx
MC-146 Q13MC14620004xx
MC-306 Q13MC30610002xx

*1.CL:Load Capacitance
*2.Two digits of the product code is packing specification, please refer here for the detail.