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Product Lineup

XV-8000 series

The XV-8000 series of gyro sensors was developed primarily for car navigation systems and personal navigation devices (PND).

Product Features

XV-8100CB product image
For portable GPS and PND systems
Low-voltage operation (3.0 V)
XV-8000CB product image
Operates on 5.0 V power source for car navigation systems
Car navigation
XV-8000LK product image
Operates on 5.0 V power source for car navigation systems
Available in pre-tilted package for dashboard mounting in car navigation systems
Car navigation

Gyro Sensors in Car Navigation

Car navigation systems are often unable to receive GPS satellite signals when the vehicle is in a tunnel, indoor parking garage, traveling between tall buildings, or in similar environments. In situations like these, a process called dead reckoning is used to augment GPS position data. In dead reckoning the gyro sensor outputs an angular rate; that is, the degrees of rotation per second. The system has to then calculate the angle based on this data. Even if a GPS signal cannot be received, the gyro sensor tracks how far right and left the vehicle turns, while vehicle speed pulse signals provide information on distance traveled. The direction and speed data are compared with map data to infer vehicle position.

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