Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU)

SEIKO EPSON Corp. offers Variety of high performance IMUs. These products also provide very low power consumption and world-smallest class size.
Here is the comparison table of our IMU products. Please select Part Number for more detail product information.


Part# Gyro Range
Bias Instability
Acc. Range
Type Interface Pkg. size
Operating Temp.
M-G362, M-G352 is under development.
M-V340 ±450 7 0.2 ±6 Built-in SPI/UART 10x12x4
M-V340 image
-40 to +85
M-G362 ±150 3 0.15 ±3 Built-in SPI/UART 24x24x10
M-G362 image
-40 to +85
M-G352 ±400 6 0.2 ±6 Built-in SPI/UART 24x24x10
M-G352 image
-40 to +85
M-G350 ±300 6 0.2 ±3 Built-in SPI/UART 24x24x10
M-G350-PD11 image
-40 to +85
M-G550-PC/PR ±300 6 0.2 ±3 Waterproof & Dustproof CAN/RS-422 52x52x26
M-G550-PC image
-25 to +70

Technical Information

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