Glossary - alphabet order - "G"


This is the symbol for a signal's reference potential (0 V).

Gate Capacitor

This is a component in a crystal oscillation circuit. See "crystal oscillation circuit".

Reference: Crystal oscillation circuit


It is a device in which periodical lattices are regularly arranged so as to separate a light beam into plurals by using the interference of light diffracted from the neighboring lattices. This device is used for tracking in an optical disc (CDs, DVDs and other read-only discs) as a part of an optical pickup.

Grating pitch

The interval or distance between gratings formed on the surface of a substrate. Generally, it is formed with a peak/valley ratio of 1:1.

G-type wave plate

It is a double-layer waveplate in which these optical axes are parallel each other at the incident plane. This structure have an even smaller variation in phase difference depending on the incident angle. When the first layer's phase difference is δ1 and the second layer's is δ2, the waveplate becomes a zero-order with phase difference: δ= δ1 + δ2. Like D-type waveplates, G-type waveplates are useful for both divergent and convergent waves.

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