Features of Seiko Epson Real Time Clock Module


Epson’s Real-Time Clock modules with built-in crystal oscillators support Low Power consumption and multifunctional systems with a variety of functions such as Wake-up Timers, Power Switch and Time Stamps, as well as Low Power consumption and highly accurate date and time management.

Real Time Clock

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Main features

• The Low Power consumption configuration allows the Real Time Clock module to record timekeeping and system abnormalities on its own even when the main MCU is into sleep mode.
• Some products have a built-in temperature-compensated oscillator to guarantee and manage high-precision date and time information using only Real Time Clock module.
• AEC-Q100/200 compatible products are also available.

Recommended product lineups

Grade Product Name Main features Interface Backup current consumption
Typ.(3V) [µA]
Unique Function
Power Switch Time Stamp Event input pin others
RX8111CE Low Power
Time Stamp
I2C 0.1 8 times
RX4111CE Low Power<
Time Stamp
SPI 0.1 8 times
RX8130CE Reset output,
Backup battery
charge control
I2C 0.3
RX8804CE High Stability,
up to +105 °C
I2C 0.35 1 times SOUT
Status OUT pin
RX8900CE High Stability,
I2C 0.7
Automotive RA8804CE High Stability,
up to +105 °C
I2C 0.35 1 times SOUT
Status OUT pin
RA8900CE High Stability,
I2C 0.7

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Real Time Clock: RX8900CE / RX8804CE Evaluation Tools

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