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Automation of agricultural machinery

Efficient production of agricultural products is a requirement for large-scale agriculture to manage food shortages due to population growth and shortages of farming workers. Epson‘s IMU(Inertial measurement unit ) used in combination with GNSS(Global Navigation Satellite System) can accurately measure objects as it moves in three dimensional space. This is a key technology in precision agriculture for increasing efficiency and advancing the progress of automated and unmanned operation.

- Improve productivity through digitalization and automation

Automating driving and operation for tractors
Contribute to real-time, high-precision position and attitude control

- Improving work environment and sustainability

Address labor shortages and improve productivity through precision agriculture


Value proposition

- Minimize position error with high stability

Gyro Bias Instability:0.8°/h (M-G370PDF0)

- Achieves short-term stable output with small size and light weight

Gyro Random walk; 0.03°/√h (M-G370PDS0)
Product size: 2.4 x 2.4 x 1.0 cm3 

- Rich set of compensation embedded into the design

Compensation for alignment, scale factor, offset, temperature selectable filter, angle calculation

- 1 inch product platform with small size and light weight

Hardware and software compatibility to simplify performance upgrades as needed


Advancing other industries

Drone, Gimbal, Stabilizer, Robot, Construction machinery, AGV(Automatic Guided Vehicle), AMR(Autonomous Mobile Robot)


Product lineup

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