Initiatives for societal issues | EV/BMS

Initiatives for societal issues

EV: Electric Vehicle
BMS: Battery Management System

- Reducing environmental impacts

Epson’s Real Time Clock (RTC) modules are used in EV’s BMS to manage the charge/discharge status of lithium-ion batteries. This helps contribute to the spread of EVs, reducing CO2 emissions.

Epson devices contribute to optimal battery operation in electric vehicles.


Value proposition

Epson’s RTC Modules enhance Battery Management Systems

- Optimal battery maintenance

When the engine is turned off, the RTC module acts as a timekeeper for the BMS, waking it up from sleep to periodically monitor the battery to ensure optimal battery maintenance and operation.

- Low consumption operation

The low-power consumption operation is enabled by an Epson in-house developed IC to help reduce dark current *1) of the entire vehicle.

- High temperature operation

Batteries get very hot. RTC supports with +125℃ operation.

*1) What is dark current?

It is the minimum amount of current that is required even when the system is completely stopped.


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Product lineup

For Automotive, Wide operating temperature range, High stability
RA8000CE (I2C-Bus) | RTC Module | Epson crystal device (
RA4000CE (SPI-Bus) | RTC Module | Epson crystal device (

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