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Security Systems

Epson devices enhance the efficiency of security systems
- Reducing environmental impacts
 It contributes to the reduction of power consumption of the entire system.
- Improving the quality of infrastructure, services
 By providing highly accurate time information


Value proposition

Epson's RTC Modules enhance Security Systems
When the system is in sleep mode
- Low power operation with backup battery and time keeping
- Detects the occurrence of an event and records the time (Time stamp)
-Send an interrupt signal to the system and wake up the system


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Products lineup

Grade Product Name Features Interface Backup current consumption
Typ. (3V) [μA]
DTCXO Function
Power Switch Time Stamp Event input pin Others
Industrial Consumer RX8901CE
High accuracy Time Stamp I2C 0.24 32 times  
High accuracy Time Stamp SPI 0.24 32 times  
RX8111CE Low Power Time Stamp I2C 0.1   8 times  
RX8804CE High accuracy
I2C 0.35   1 times SOUT
Status OUT pin
Automotive RA8000CE
High accuracy up to +125℃ Reset output AEC-Q100 I2C 0.3   2 times  
High accuracy up to +125℃ Reset output AEC-Q100 SPI 0.3   2 times  
RA8804CE High accuracy
I2C 0.35   1 times SOUT
Status OUT pin
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