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Machine vibration measurement and analysis

The importance of predictive maintenance and preventive maintenance, which performs appropriate maintenance by predicting and monitoring equipment failure, damage, deterioration, etc., is getting increase. Epson's vibration sensors are contributing to the calculation of appropriate maintenance timing for equipment such as large motors.

- Reduction of environmental load
 EPSON vibration sensor contributes to stable operation of renewable energy facilities through
 appropriate maintenance by measuring vibrations of large motors that open and close water gates.

- Improving the working environment
 EPSON vibration sensor makes it possible to achieve more efficient facility management and extend  its maintenance cycle.


Value proposition

- ISO 10816 and ISO 20816 compliant
 Support velocity and displacement output (The sensor can support velocity and
 displacement output)

- Wide output range
 No need to adjust the measurement range to match the magnitude of vibration (It can
 precisely measure vibration without any adjustment regardless of vibration intensity at
 the range of measurement frequency)

- Strong to magnetic fields
 It can accurately measure vibration from motors with strong magnetic field.

- Resistant to noise
 Digital output has an ability to resist the effects of noise

- Simple measurement environment
 No charge amp, A/D converter or other peripheral equipment needed(It is used without
 charge amp, A/D converter and other peripheral equipment)


In other places like these

- Waste disposal plants and Wind turbines
 equipped with large motors

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