Software for SG Writer

Software for SG Writer with USB Driver

File name sgwriter6.21 PROM
Version Ver.6.21 :11 Sep.2014
Volume 4MB (Original size)
Accommodate OS WindowsXP
Copyright Seiko Epson Corporation.


  1. The computer software program and the instruction manual provided along with the SG-Writer can be used only for the purpose of programming the SG-8000 series. You can install the program in more than one computer as long as it is for the purpose of programming of SG-8000 series.
  2. Please write SG-8003series always with the SG-8003series socket.
  3. SG-8003series has two types of Blank sample. Please write with correct typed sample shown below.
    • Vcc = 1.8 V type (For PE,SE)
    • Vcc = 2.5 V and 3.3 V type (For PD,SD,PC,SC)
    • *It is able to identify Blank sample between SG-8002 series and SG-8003 series by marking.
  4. These SG-8000 series sample products, which programmed this software, can use only for experimental production. When you want to use its for mass production, please use the products which programmed in Seiko Epson Corporation or our representative firm.
  5. Even though SG-8003 series takes long time to write compare to SG-8002, it is not a trouble or failure.

Software download

*You are available to download when you agree with End User Software License Agreement on the next page.

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