Glossary - alphabet order - "B"


A typical example is Schott B270. Since this glass is used as window glass as a more transparent replacement for the previous blue-colored glass, it is also called "white plate glass".


It is a common type of glass used for optical applications, made of borosilicate crown glass.

Bar AT crystal unit

This is an AT crystal unit that has a bar-shaped or squared-off crystal chip. This name is used to distinguish from conventional disc AT crystal units. Its smaller package made this type popular very quickly, and now all crystal chips used in compact SMD crystal units are of this type. In addition to the advantage of compactness, this type of crystal unit makes more efficient use of materials and processing, thereby lower production cost.

Reference: Disc AT crystal unit

Baud rate

The baud rate is the signal volume transferred per second. Usually, this is expressed as bits per second (bps).


It is a phenomenon in which an incident light beam inputting into a crystal or anisotropic material splits into two light beams of which oscillation is orthogonal each other.

Brick type crystal chip

This indicates a tuning fork crystal chips that are made by mechanical processing. The tuning fork shape of the crystal chip is made by mechanical processing or by photolithography processing. The mechanical processing has been in use longer. Crystal chips made by mechanical processing are distinguished from the leaf type crystal chips made by photolithography processing.

Reference: Mechanical processing , leaf type crystal chip

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