Glossary - alphabet order - "D"

Deterministic Jitter

A type of jitter defined in specification. See "jitter".

Reference: Jitter

Divider Dividing circuit

This circuit is used to generate a low-frequency clock from a reference clock frequency. The division rate is usually 1/n (where n is an integer).

Drain resistor

This is an element in a crystal oscillation circuit. See "crystal oscillation circuit".

Reference: Crystal oscillation circuit

Drive level (Level of drive)

This refers to the power or oscillation output level required to operate (drive) a crystal unit. The drive level is expressed by the following formula. Drive level P = I2 × Re Where I is the current flowing to the crystal unit, Re is the crystal unit's effective resistance, and Re = R1 × (1+ C0/CL) (CL: load capacitance)

Crystal oscillation circuit Equivalent circuit of crystal unit

DTCXO (Digital Temperature Compensated X'tal(crystal) Oscillator)

DTCXO stands for Digital Temperature Compensated X'tal(crystal) Oscillator, and is a oscillator with digitally temperature compencated circuit such as EPSON's high accuracy RTC.

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