Glossary - alphabet order - "E"

Effective resistance

The equivalent resistance of a quartz crystal under load, which can be calculated as Re by the following equation: Re=R1(1+Co/CL)2

EMI noise

This noise is emitted as electric waves from crystal oscillation circuits and peripheral circuits. The higher-frequency components of the oscillation frequency range is the main components of the electric wave interference noise.


Electrodes exist as the metal layers that has been formed on a crystal chip surface in order to drive a crystal chip and produce a drive output. Usually, metals such as gold, silver, or chrome are used due to their anti-corrosive properties, their affinity with crystal materials, and also cost benefits.

Equivalent circuit of crystal unit

An example of an equivalent circuit for a crystal unit is shown at right. In this example, electrical circuits replace the crystal unit's resonance operation mode.

Equivalent circuit of crystal unit

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