Notice of Our Supplier’s Improprieties regarding Certification of its Chemical Products, which Integrated into Epson’s Timing Device Products

This announcement is to notify our supplier (Kyocera Corporation, Japan) has noticed an inappropriate certification, as of January 5, 2021 that “ certain chemical products were improperly identified as receiving certification from Underwriters Laboratories, a third-party safety science organization in the United States (hereinafter, "UL") and internal improprieties relating to its testing and certification program, which include the case that the samples submitted to UL for testing were different than the manufactured products sold to customers.” Upon receiving the notice from Kyocera, we have conducted our internal investigations and identified Epson’s applicable products.

1. Kyocera’s Products in question: UL94 - Flame Retardancy Molding Materials

2. Epson’s Applicable Products:36 Products


3. Prospects
 We consider switching to inappropriate products to new UL certified products as potential measure.
 We will investigate our best available alternatives and will keep you informed.

Please contact our sales windows for your inquiry on the applicable products. Your kind understanding to this matter would be highly appreciated.

Reference: Kyocera News Release
"Inappropriate Listing of Certain Chemical Products as Receiving Certification from Third Party Organization"

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