Notice of Our Supplier’s Improprieties regarding Certification of its Chemical Products, which Integrated into Epson’s Timing Device Products

This announcement is to notify our final decision of our measure against the flame retardancy molding materials provided by our supplier (Kyocera Corporation, Japan). Kyocera had announced that the inappropriate mold materials in question as “ certain chemical products were improperly identified as receiving certification from Underwriters Laboratories, a third-party safety science organization in the United States (hereinafter, "UL") and internal improprieties relating to its testing and certification program, which include the case that the samples submitted to UL for testing were different than the manufactured products sold to customers.” Since our first announcement as of January 2021, we have conducted our internal investigations with considering switch from inappropriate products to new UL certified products as measure. Through our investigations, we have reached to our final measures as follows:

1. Epson’s Measure
 Epson will continue to provide Kyocera’ current retardancy molding materials

2. Reasons
a. Epson confirmed that all the materials currently used by Epson show enough flame retardant value,
 equivalent with V-0 in the test based on the UL94 standard, conducted by UL certified testing
 laboratory. Upon the test result, our concern of potential product safety risk caused by
 insufficient flame retardant value was sufficiently minimized.

b. Upon receiving Epson’s customers responses after our first announcement, certain customers and
 Epson might have severer risks by switching materials than by continuing the current Kyocera
 materials. Considering these circumstances and potential burden caused by newly required
 procedures and evaluations, we came to conclusion that we will continuously provide current
 products, with the test confirmation of product quality.

c. Kyocera has confirmed that Kyocera will proceed to acquire the formal UL certification.

Epson have decided that we will continuously provide the current products with no change of materials.
Please contact our sales windows for your inquiry on the applicable products.
Your kind understanding to this matter would be highly appreciated.

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