Release Note

Epson Low Power crystal oscillator SG-3031CM/CMA

Epson releases the SG-3031CM series as a new 32.768 kHz crystal oscillator; samples available NOW.


  1. Low power consumption with optimized CMOS IC design
    - Low current consumption of 0.65uA max.*1
      *1: Vcc=1.2V to 5.5V, VIO=0.0V, T_use=+105℃  
    - Wide range of power supply voltage from 1.2V to 5.5V
    - The Vio-PIN is an interface power supply voltage
  2. Wide temperature range up to 105 degree
    - The operating temperature range is up to + 105℃ for both SG-3031CMA and SG-3031CM.
  3. AEC-Q100 Compliant
    - The SG-3031CMA is AEC-Q100 compliant for automotive applications.
  4. Additional value proposition
    - The built-in 32.768 kHz tuning-fork crystal unit provides stable frequency over wide temperature range, eliminating the need for user adjustments.
    - Assuring consistent quality of our products:
    - In-house development and manufacturing of crystals and ICs
    - In-house assembly and inspection of crystal oscillators

Epson will continue to leverage its unique technologies to provide customers with reliable, easy to use, industry leading crystal device products.

Learn more: SG-3031CM
Learn more: SG-3031CMA

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