Release Note
Crystal Oscillator SG3225HBN specification updated. (Frequency tolerance, +105℃, 2.5V)

The SG3225HBN is a crystal oscillator that is suitable for a reference clock for the high-speed bus interface PCI Express between the CPU and memory expansion board. We have expanded the specification range of SG3225HBN.


  1. Low voltage power supply In addition to conventional
    power supply voltage 3.3V, it supports 2.5V. This increases the degree of freedom in the power supply design of the customer's system.
  2. High temperature compatible In addition to the
    conventional -40 to 85 ° C, the operating temperature range also corresponds to -40 to 105 ℃.
    While making it possible to arrange the parts of the oscillator near high temperature parts, it is possible to miniaturize the equipment etc.We cope with the substrate temperature rise in the equipment accompanying with it.

We believe that this will contribute to the higher performance and smaller size of our customers' systems.

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