SG-636PDE (Crystal Oscillator SPXO)

  • Frequency range
    2.21675 MHz to 40 MHz
  • Supply voltage
    2.5V Typ.
  • Function
    Output enable(OE)
  • External dimensions
    10.5 × 5.8 × 2.7mm (t: Max.)

RoHS Compliant

SG-636 series


Item Symbol Specifications Condition/Remarks
SG-636 PTF SG-636 PCE
SG-636 SCE
SG-636 PDE
Output frequency range f0 2.21675MHz to 41.000MHz 2.21675MHz to 40.000MHz 2.21675MHz to 40.000MHz
Supply voltage VCC 5.0V ±0.5V 3.3V ±0.3V 2.5V ±0.25V
Storage temperature T_stg -55°C to +100°C Store as bare product.
Operating temperature T_use -20°C to +70 °C
Frequency tolerance f_tol C: ±100 × 10-6 -20°C to +70°C
Current consumption ICC 17mA Max. 9mA Max. 5mA Max. No load condition
Disable current I_dis 10mA Max. 5mA Max. 3mA Max. OE=GND
Stand-by current I_std - 2μA Max. - ST(SCE)
Symmetry SYM 40% to 60% 45% to 55% CMOS load:50% VCC level
45% to 55% - TTL load:1.4V level
Output voltage VOH VCC-0.4V Min. IOH=-8mA(PTF) /
-4mA(SCE,PCE) /
VOL 0.4V Max. IOL=16mA(PTF) /
4mA(SCE,PCE) /
Output load condition
L_TTL 10TTL Max. - L_CMOS≤ 15pF
Output load condition
L_CMOS 50pF Max. 30pF Max. 15pF Max.
Input voltage VIH 2.0V Min. 80% VCC Min. OE terminal or
VIL 0.8V Max. 20% VCC Max.
Rise time / Fall time tr / tf 7ns Max. 5ns Max. CMOS load:
20% VCC to
80% VCC level
5ns Max. - TTL load:
0.4V to 2.4V level
Start-up time t_str 4ms Max. 4ms Max. Time at minimum supply voltage to be 0s
Frequency aging f_aging ±5 × 10-6 / year Max. +25°C,
First year

Product Number

External dimensions

(Unit: mm)

Metal may be exposed on the top or bottom of this product.
This will not affect any quality, reliability or electrical spec.

OE pin (PDE)
OE pin = "H" or "open" : Specified frequency output.
OE pin = "L" : Output is high impedance.

Footprint (Recommended)

(Unit: mm)

To maintain stable operation, provide a 0.01uF to 0.1uF by-pass capacitor at a location as near as possible to the power source terminal of the crystal product (between Vcc - GND).

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