SG-Writer II(Programming tool for Programmable Crystal Oscillator)

  • Programming tool for programmable oscillator: SG-8018, SG­8101, SG-9101, SG-8002, SG-8503, SG-8504 and SG-8506series (Blank sample).
  • Able to program required frequency at customer side.
  • External power supply by USB cable.
  • Available PC OS Windows10 etc,
  • Small body and easy carry.

RoHS Compliant


Main Body Specifications

Name SG-Writer II for programmable oscillator: SG-8018, SG­8101, SG-9101, SG-8002, SG-8503, SG-8504 and SG-8506 series
Operating Temperature +10°C to +40°C Writing (+25°C ±5°C)
Electric Power Supply Via USB
Standard Interface USB 2.0 (Mini-b)
Accessories SG-WriterII
Instruction manual (Documents:Japanese, English)
Software SG-WriterII
SG-Writer IC socket*1
Model Product number Inventory
SG-8018CA, SG-8101CA, SG-9101CA Q91PR10W00021 cart
SG-8018CB, SG-8101CB, SG-9101CB Q91PR10W00025 cart
SG-8018CE, SG-8101CE, SG-9101CE Q91PR10W00018 cart
SG-8018CG, SG-8101CG, SG-9101CG Q91PR10W00024 cart
SG-8503CA Q91PR10W00026 cart
SG-8504CA Q91PR10W00027 cart
SG-8506CA Q91PR10W00028 cart
SG-8002CA Q91PR10W00021 cart
SG-8002CE Q91PR10W00018 cart
SG-8002JC Q91PR10W00004 cart
SG-8002JA Q91PR10W00003 cart
Blank sample
Model Product number Inventory
SG-8018CA X1G0055710001 cart
SG-8018CB X1G0055810001 cart
SG-8018CE X1G0055910001 cart
SG-8018CG X1G0056010001 cart
SG-8101CA X1G0051910001 cart
SG-8101CB X1G0052010001 cart
SG-8101CE X1G0052110001 cart
SG-8101CG X1G0051810001 cart
SG-8002CE Q3321CE000001 cart
SG-8002CA Q3309CA000002 cart
SG-8002JC Q3307JC010002 cart
SG-8002JA Q3306JA020002 cart
SG-8002DC Q3204DC010002 cart
SG-8503CA X1G0050111001 cart
SG-8504CA X1G0050211001 cart
SG-8506CA X1G0050311001 cart
SG-9101CA X1G0053010001 cart
SG-9101CB X1G0053110001 cart
SG-9101CE X1G0053210001 cart
SG-9101CG X1G0052910001 cart

*1If you have IC socket of either SG-8002 series it can use for both SG-8018 series , SG-8101 series and SG- 9101series.
If you are using SG-WriterII now and will purchase IC socket newly, please choose each products IC socket

Recommend PC Specifications (You need to connect the SG-Writer to a PC when you are writing.)

Software for SG WriterII

Available PC OS Windows 10 (32bit,64bit)
Windows 7(32bit,64bit)
Windows XP(32 bit type)
Windows Vista(32 bit type)
Recommend CPU Over Pentium 4 1.4GHz or equivalent Processor
Recommend memory Capacity Windows 10 : Over 2GB
Windows 7 64bit : Over 2GB
Windows XP : Over 512MB
Windows Vista, Windows7 32bit : Over 1GB
Other USB cable(Type A « Mini-b)
Need IC *2 socket when you write each products.
(Sold individually)

*2 Conventional IC socket can be used with new SG-Writer.


  1. The Blank sample of each series can be identified by marking

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