FA-20HS (MHz RANGE CRYSTAL UNIT, Built-in thermistor)


RoHS Compliant pb free
  • Frequency range
    16MHz to 54MHz
  • External dimensions
    2.5 × 2.0 × 1.0mm
  • Overtone order
  • Applications
    Mobile phone, Bluetooth, W-LAN
    ISM band radio, Clock for MPU,GPS,Smart phone


Item Symbol Specifications Condition/Remarks
Nominal frequency range f_nom 16MHz to 54.000MHz Fundamental
Please contact us about available frequencies.
Storage temperature range T_stg -40°C to +125°C Store as single product.
Operating temperature range T_use -40°C to +85°C
Level of drive DL 100µW Max. Recommended: 1µW to 100µW
Frequency tolerance f_tol ±10 × 10-6 *1 Please contact us about reference temperature.
Please contact us for inquiries.
Frequency versus temperature characteristics f_tem ±12 × 10-6 *1 -30°C to +85°C Please contact us for inquiries.
Load capacitance CL 6pF to ∞ Please specify.
Motional resistance
R1 As per below table -30°C to +85°C
Frequency aging f_age ±1 × 10-6/±3 × 10-6 year Max. *1 +25°C, First year
Thermistor resistance - Please contact us about specifications.  
Thermistor B constant -  

*1 Please contact us for available frequency tolerances as they are dependent upon the nominal frequency.

Product name (Standard form)

product name

Motional resistance (ESR)

Frequency Motional resistance
16.0MHz ≤ f_nom ≤ 25.0MHz 80Ω Max.
25.0MHz < f_nom ≤ 30.0MHz 60Ω Max.
30.0MHz < f_nom ≤ 54.0MHz 50Ω Max.

External dimensions


(Unit: mm)

Footprint (Recommended)


(Unit: mm)

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