XV4001BC (Digital output gyro sensor)
For Automotive



pbfree RoHs automotive automotive
  • SPI / I2Cserial interface
  • Angular rate output (16bit), Temperature output (11bit)
  • Inclined angle: 20 degrees (XV4001KC/KD)
    • XV4001BC:I2C / 5.0×3.2×1.3mm
    • XV4001BD:SPI / 5.0×3.2×1.3mm
    • XV4001KC:I2C / 6.0×4.8×3.3mm
    • XV4001KD:SPI / 6.0×4.8×3.3mm
  • Recommended Application
    Car navigation system,Telematics


Item Symbol Specifications Remarks
Supply Voltage VDD 3.3 V ±0.3 V Vss=0V
Temperature range Storage Temperature TSTG -40 °C to +85 °C  
Operating Temperature T_OPR -40 °C to +85 °C  
Scale factor So 370 LSB/(°/s) ±1.5 % Ta=+25°C
Bias V0 ±2°C/s (0 LSB Typ.) Ta=+25°C
Rate range SYM ±70 °/s  
Non linearity Nl ±0.5%Fs Ta=+25°C
Frequency response BW 10Hz Typ. LPF Gain -3dB bandwidth
Cross axes OS ±5% Max. Ta=+25°C
Current consumption lop 3.5mA Typ. not rotation and not communicating
Quiescent noise rN ±2°C/s RMS Typ.  

External dimensions


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Footprint (Recommended)

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