TG-5035CJ (TCXO)
Ultra Miniature Size Low Profile High Stability


Complies with EU RoHS directive.

Pb free.

  • Frequency range
    13MHz to 52MHz
  • Supply voltage
    1.8V Typ.
  • Frequency / temperature characteristics
    ±0.5× 10-6 Max.
  • External dimensions
    2.0 × 1.6 × 0.73mm
  • Features
    High Stability
    Low supply voltage (1.8V)
    Stand-by function (OPTION)
  • Applications
    Cellular phone (GPS),Wireless communication


Item Symbol Specifications Conditions/Remarks
Output frequency range f0 13.000MHz to 52.000MHz
Standard frequency
Supply voltage VCC 1.8V ±0.1V (Supply voltage range: 1.7V to 3.3V)  
Storage temperature T_stg -40°C to +85°C Store as bare product.
Operating temperature T_use -30°C to +85°C
Frequency tolerance f_tol ±2.0 ×10-6 Max. After reflow, +25 °C
Frequency/temperature characteristics fo-TC ±0.5 × 10-6 Max. -30°C to +85°C
Frequency/load coefficient fo-Load ±0.2 × 10-6 Max. 10kΩ // 10pF ±10%
Frequency/voltage coefficient fo-VCC ±0.2 × 10-6 Max. VCC=1.8V ±0.1V
Frequency aging f_age ±1.0 × 10-6 Max. +25°C, First year, 13MHz≤ f0≤40MHz
±1.5 × 10-6 Max. +25°C, First year, 40MHz< f0≤52MHz
Current consumption ICC 2.0mA Max.  
Input resistance Rin 500kΩ Min. - VC - GND (DC)
Frequency control range f_cont ±5.0 × 10-6to ±12.0 × 10-6 - VC=0.9V ±0.6V
Frequency change polarity - Positive polarity -
Symmetry SYM 40% to 60% GND level (DC cut)
Output voltage VP-P 0.8V Min. peak to peak
Output load condition Load_R 10kΩ DC cut capacitor = 0.01µF
Load_C 10pF

* Note : Please contact us for inquiries about specifications other than the above.

Product name (Standard form)

External dimensions


(Unit: mm)

Please keep "N.C." pin OPEN condition or GND connection.
"N.C." pin doesn’t work as a ground pin.

Footprint (Recommended)


(Unit: mm)

To maintain stable operation, provide a 0.01uF to 0.1uF by-pass capacitor at a location as near as possible to the power source terminal of the crystal product (between Vcc - GND).

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