• Frequency range
    85 MHz to 170 MHz
  • Supply voltage
    3.3 V Typ.
  • Absolute pull range
    50 x 10-6 Min.
  • External dimensions
    5.0 x 3.2 x 1.3 t (mm) Typ.
  • Operation temperature
    -40°C to +85°C / -40°C to +105°C
  • Function
    Output Enable(OE), Active High
  • Output
Video: Advantage of HFF
 (High-Frequency Fundamental)

Pb free.

Complies with EU RoHS directive.



Item Symbol VG5032EDN
Conditions / Remarks
Output frequency range f0 85 MHz to 170 MHz Please contact us for inquiries regarding available frequencies.
Supply voltage VCC 3.3V ±0.165V
Storage temperature T_stg -55°C ~ +125°C Store as bare product.
Operating temperature T_use G: -40°C to +85°C
H: -40°C to +105°C
Frequency tolerance f_tol ±50 × 10-6 Max. Includes initial tolerance, temperature change, Vcc change and 10years aging at +25°C. At Vc=1.65V, reference to f0
Absolute Pull range *1 APR ±50×10-6 Min. VC= 1.65V ±1.65V
Input resistance Rin 10MΩ Min. DC level
Current consumption ICC 60mA Max. 30mA Max. OE=Vcc, LV-PECL: 50Ω, LVDS: 100 Ω
Symmetry SYM 45% ~55% LV-PECL: at Vcc-1.30 V, VC=1/2Vcc
LVDS: at outputs crossing point
Output voltage VOH VCC-1.1V Min. LV-PECL: DCcharacteristics
VOL VCC-1.5V Min.
VOD 250 mV to 450mV VOD1, VOD2 LVDS: DCcharacteristics
VOS 1.15 V to 1.35 V VOS1, VOS2
Output load condition
L_ECL 50 Ω LV-PECL: Terminated to VCC -2.0 V
L_LVDS 100 Ω LVDS: Connected between OUT1 to OUT2
Input voltage VIH 70 % Vcc Min. OE terminal
VIL 30 % Vcc Max.
Rise time / Fall time tr / tf 0.5 ns Max. LVP-ECL: at 20 % to 80 % output swing
0.3 ns Max. LVDS: at 20 % and 80 %of Differential Output peek to peek voltage
Start-up time t_str 10 ms Max. Time at minimum supply voltage to be 0 s
Phase Jitter tPJ 0.3 ps Typ. Offset Frequency 12kHz to 20MHz

*1 Absolute pull range = Frequency control range- Frequency tolerance
* Please keep VC pin open or ground while powering up Vcc

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