HFF crystal units

HFF crystal unit / HFF crystal oscillator (high-frequency fundamental)

In order to increase the frequency of oscillators, it is necessary to make the chip thinner, but conventional processing methods imposed limitations on producing thin chips.

A high-frequency fundamental was enabled without compromising crystal chip strength by photolithographically processing only the oscillating portion of the chip so as to form an extremely thin inverted-mesa structure having a thickness of only several microns.

Advantage of high frequency oscillation at the fundamental frequency

High-frequency fundamental oscillation helps stabilize high-speed, high-volume data transmissions because nearby high-frequency components can be suppressed.

Oscillation with conventional technology
HFF oscillation

Some of our most popular HFF crystal unit / HFF crystal oscillator

Crystal oscillators 60 MHz or higher


SG-770 series
7.0×5.0×1.6t (mm)Typ.

SG-771 PCD
7.0×5.0×1.6t (mm)Typ.


7.0×5.0×1.6t (mm)Typ.

7.0×5.0×1.6t (mm)Typ.

7.0×5.0×1.6t (mm)Typ.

5.0×3.2×1.3t (mm)Typ.

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