Real Time Clocks (RTC)

What is RTC Modules?

"RTC" is an acronym for Real Time Clock, which is an electronic device that measures time. "RTC module" is a single packaged module which integrated RTC IC, oscillator circuit and master clock. There is no need for oscillator circuit design and frequency adjustment by yourselves.

Epson's RTC Modules

Epson's wide range of RTC modules with built-in crystal save power, provide superior accuracy, and simplify system design. Thanks to a rich set of optional functions, such as alarms and time stamps, RTCs can cover multiple additional tasks beside the time keeping.


Our RTC module provides highly accurate time information even when the temperature on the customer's board changes. Read more about features and unique functions of our RTC modules.


Here are some examples of how Epson's RTC modules can benefit our customers.

RTC modules for Automotive

Solutions for improving time accuracy and lowering system power for automotive application. Read more about 3 types of issues for in-vehicle equipment and how our RTC modules can solve them.


Watch videos and learn fundamentals of our RTC modules, how we make it possible to reduce current power consumption and some tips for several use-cases.

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