Epson's Real-Time Clock modules with built-in crystal oscillators support Low Power consumption and multifunctional systems with a variety of functions such as Wake-up Timers, Power Switch and Time Stamps, as well as Low Power consumption and highly accurate date and time management.


What is Epson's Real Time Clock module?

Main features

  • The Low Power consumption configuration allows the RTC module to record timekeeping and system abnormalities on its own even when the main MCU is into sleep mode.
  • Some products have a built-in temperature-compensated oscillator to guarantee and manage high-precision date and time information using only RTC module.
  • AEC-Q100/200 compatible products are also available.

Recommended product lineups

Grade Product Name Main features Interface Backup current consumption
Typ.(3V) [µA]
DTCXO Unique Function
Power Switch Reset
input pin
High Accuracy
Time Stamp
I2C 0.24 +105℃ 32 times
High Accuracy
Time Stamp
SPI 0.24 +105℃ 32 times
RX8111CE Low Power
Time Stamp
I2C 0.1 +105℃ 8 times
RX4111CE Low Power
Time Stamp
SPI 0.1 +105℃ 8 times
RX8130CE Reset output,
Backup battery
charge control
I2C 0.3 +85℃
RX8804CE High Stability I2C 0.35 +105℃ 1 times
RX8900CE High Stability,
I2C 0.7 +85℃
Automotive RA8000CE
High Stability,
up to +125℃
I2C 0.3 +125℃ 2 times
High Stability,
up to +125℃
SPI 0.3 +125℃ 2 times
RA8804CE High Accuracy
I2C 0.35 +105℃ 1 times
RA8900CE High Accuracy
I2C 0.7 +85℃

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Low Power| Contributes to lower power in your systems

RX8111CE RX4111CE RX8130CE

Epson's RTC module can keep the time information with one order of magnitude lower current consumption than the sleep mode of the MCU. The minimum clocking voltage is up to 1.1V. In addition, the low leakage IC minimizes the current consumption during high temperature operation. EPSON greatly contributes to lowering the power of the customer's system when it sleeps.


High Stability|Provide High precision time information when the temperature changes

RX8901CE RX4901CE RA8000CE RA4000CE RX8804CE RX8900CE RA8804CE RA8900CE

DTCXO (Digital Temperature Compensated Xtal Oscillator) is installed in the RTC module. The RTC module provides highly accurate time information of ±3.4ppm (equivalent to 0.3 seconds per day) when the temperature on the customer's board changes.


Unique Function (1)|Power Switch

RX8901CE RX4901CE RX8111CE RX4111CE RX8130CE RX8900CE RA8900CE

Epson's RTC module detects a voltage drop or rise in the main power supply and automatically switches to a backup power supply for operation, while the MOS switch suppresses leakage current and voltage drops, enabling efficient power management of the entire system compared to diode OR circuits.


Real Time Clock Module Battery backup switchover function (RX8111CE)

Real Time Clock Module Battery backup switchover function (RX4111CE)

Unique Function (2)|Time Stamp

RX8901CE RX4901CE RA8000CE RA4000CE RX8111CE RX4111CE RX8804CE RA8804CE

The Time Stamp is a function that stores the time information when an event (signal) is detected. Although the MCU has the same function, the function built into the RTC module makes it possible to sleep the MCU, thus reducing the power consumption of the entire system.


Unique Function (3)|Reset

RA8000CE RA4000CE RX8130CE

Epson's RTC module detects a drop or rise in the main power supply, and outputs a reset/reset release signal to the MCU. With the analog technology that Epson has cultivated over many years, the RTC module has the same level of functionality as a stand-alone reset IC. This eliminates the need for an external reset IC, which reduces the customer's board space, number of mounted parts, and cost.


Unique Function (4)|Backup battery charge control

RX8130CE RX8111CE RX4111CE RX8900CE

The backup power supply voltage monitoring function enables full charge detection (overcharge prevention) of the secondary battery for the backup power supply. Extends the overall system uptime, including before switching to backup power drive.


Other Functions|Wake Up Timer

RX8901CE RX4901CE RA8000CE RA4000CE RX8111CE RX4111CE RX8130CE RX8900CE RX8804CE RA8900CE RA8804CE

A function to generate periodic wake-up interrupts in any period. It can be used for watchdog timers and maintenance time notifications.


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