Here are some examples of how Epson's RTC modules can benefit our customers. Please refer to the application manual or contact your local sales representative for more specific usage information.

FA Equipment Smart Meters In-vehicle Cluster Meters Network Equipment Security Equipment

1. FA Equipment

Power Switching for Low Current Consumption

Customer Issue

Frequent battery replacement is required due to the high leakage current of the power switching circuit and rapid battery drainage.

Epson's Solution

Epson's RTC module, which has a built-in MOS switch for power switching, automatically switches the power. By reducing the leakage current, customers can reduce the frequency of battery replacement.


2. Smart Meters

Time Stamp for Tamper Detect Protection

Customer Issue

  • Need to monitor and record time when a malicious disassemble or destroy the smart meter is made
  • Need to detect an unarthorized operation

Epson's Solution

The stand-alone RTC module with timestamp function receives input directly from external sensors and records it in internal memory. At the time of system setup, you can access the RTC module to check the presence or absence of a time stamp and time information to confirm the presence or absence of unauthorized operation and its time.


3. In-vehicle Cluster Meters

High Accurate Time Information under High Temperature Conditions

Customer Issue

Customers have complained that the clocks are frequently out of alignment due to the high temperature fluctuations inside the car.

Epson's Solution

Epson's high-precision RTC modules conform to AEC-Q100/200 are deliver the equivalent of 9 seconds per month over a wide operating temperature range, potentially reducing end-user complaints.

4. Network Equipment

High Accurate Time Information Guarantees Characteristics when Trouble Occurs

Customer Issue

It is connected to the network and synchronized with NTP (Network Time Protocol) under normal conditions, but it wants to guarantee holdover characteristics in case of failures.

Epson's Solution

RTC module with integrated DTCXO (Digital Temperature Compensated Xtal Oscillator) is the most accurate grade available up to +/- 3.4 ppm. Since it takes 0.9 seconds per day to convert to time, it can be used as reliable time information.

5. Security Equipment

High Accurate Time Information makes Encryption of security equipment

Customer Issue

Security devices connected to the network are at risk of being cracked and having their data rewritten.

Epson's Solution

The standalone RTC module with high frequency accuracy (+/-3.4 ppm) and resolutions up to 1/1024th of a second provides network-independent timestamp data, including time information, for data encryption.

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