November, 2023

Low jitter programmable SPXO SG-8200CG, SG-8201CG
High stability and low jitter characteristics, ideal for various applications

September, 2023

Epson New Small size / low ESR 32.768 kHz crystal unit: FC1610BN

August, 2023

VG3225EFN/VFN is expanded upper frequency limit to 500 MHz.
High Frequency Low Jitter VCXO: VG3225/5032/7050EFN, VG3225/5032/7050VFN

May, 2023

Epson New up to +105 ℃, 2.05 x 1.2 mm size 32.768 kHz crystal unit: FC2012SN

April, 2023

Epson New AEC-Q200 compliant / high temperature (+125 ℃) 32.768 kHz crystal unit: FC2012AA

February, 2023

Epson High Frequency Low Jitter Crystal Oscillator
SG2016HGN / SG2520HGN, SG2016HHN / SG2520HHN

May, 2022

New lineup of high stability oscillator in small package (2.0 x 1.6 mm) for optical applications,
compatible with OIF standard: SG2016 series

May, 2022

Epson New SPXO for ADAS applications: SG-8201CJA

December, 2021

Epson New Low ESR 32.768 kHz Crystal Unit: FC3215AN

December, 2021

Epson New RTC Module for Industrial Applications: RX8901CE / RX4901CE

December, 2021

Epson New RTC Module for In-Vehicle Applications: RA8000CE / RA4000CE

April, 2021

Epson New TCXO: 5.0 × 3.2 × 1.45 mm size / Supports ± 0.1 × 10-6 over -40 ºC to +105 ºC
- TG5032CKN / TG5032SKN / TG5032SMN / TG-5510CB / TG-5511CB -


Epson New Gyro sensor XV7081BB
Excellent bias temperature coefficient and Low angle random walk.

December, 2020

Epson New Tiny,High-Frequency, Low Phase Jitter SPXOs: SG2520 Series

November, 2020

Epson New ESR 50 kΩ Max. kHz range crystal unit: FC2012AN

August, 2020

Epson New Tiny Size and Low Height MHz range crystal unit: FA1008AN

July, 2020

Epson New TCXO: TG2016SKA/SLA for Automotive
- 105 ºC High temperature range, Conforms to AEC-Q100

June, 2020

Epson New Crystal Oscillator SG2520CAA for Automotive

June, 2020

- TG7050CKN/TG7050SKN/TG7050CMN/TG7050SMN, TG-5510CA/TG-5511CA -

December, 2019

Epson MHz crystal oscillator SG****CAN series
- Low current consumption and five different package sizes -

December, 2019

Epson High Frequency and Low Jitter crystal oscillator
SG3225/5032/7050EEN and SG3225/5032/7050VEN

December, 2019

Epson +105 ℃ & standby function TCXO: TG1612SLN

October, 2019

Epson Low Power 32.768kHz crystal oscillator SG3031CM/CMA

October, 2019

Epson +105 ℃ & ST compatible TCXO TG2016SLN

June, 2019

Epson crystal oscillator SG3225HBN specification updated. (Frequency tolerance, +105℃, 2.5V)

April 11, 2019

Epson releases new small size(1.2x1.0x0.3mm) crystal unit "FA1210AN"

February 20, 2018

Epson released the 85MHz to 170MHz fundamental oscillation and high temperature operation(+105 °C) VCXO "VG7050CDN"

February 15, 2018

Epson released the 2.0 x 1.6 mm size high precision TCXO "TG2016SMN" with low phase noise characteristics

Epson released the 2.5 x 2.0 mm size high precision TCXO "TG2520SMN" with low phase noise characteristics

February 09, 2018

Epson released the Programmable Crystal oscillator "SG-8101 CGA"For Automotive

Epson released the Programmable SS Crystal oscillator "SG-9101 CGA"For Automotive

January 30, 2018

Epson released the Built-in thermistor 1612 size MHz range crystal unit "FA1612AS"

July 14, 2017

Epson released the programmable crystal oscillator "SG-8018 series".